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About Me

Put that phone down!

MADE IT – kids, classroom, craft and crochet! How I stopped playing on my phone and started crocheting!

Hello!┬áHere’s how I juggle all my makes – made with kids, made for the classroom, made for craft fun and how I became a crochet addict!

I am Louise Anderson. I’m Mum to three fantastic children, Eleanor, Kate and John and have been married to my super Husband, Phil, for nearly 17 years!

I have been teaching for 24 years in September. Yikes! I tell the children at school that I am only 18 and – thankfully – they play along with me, even though John, my youngest, has just left my class and is nearly 12! Bless them.

At work, my passions are Music, ICT, STEM, English and Maths. I am particularly fascinated by Space Education and often run coding, STEM and Space Clubs. I make and sell resources for teachers online in my spare time – huh? What’s that? Check out my Tiki Teacher shop:

The Tiki Teacher : made it classroom

I work in a great, small school in the Peak National Park and I love my job. It keeps me young, working with children. Recently, we have been very inspired by working on a project for RHS Chatsworth Flower Show.

How we like to create…

When I’m not at school or working, I like to spend time with my children, making things. We are a creative bunch in different ways:

Eleanor, my oldest daughter (15) is a fabulous artist who has been into illustration for a number of years. She is also a great writer – I wonder if one day she will write her own book or graphic novel.

Kate (14) is a passionate actor, singer and dancer and she would love to perform on the West End Stage. She is great at making things with her hands and baking.

John (11) is also a great artist. He enjoys architecture and horticulture. He loves making models and creating games.

Phil (my husband – who says he doesn’t know how old he is) is a Secondary Maths Teacher. He writes songs and funny poems and scripts for silly family movies that we make for fun.

Then there’s me – I was a singer in a band at Uni 127 years ago (ha,ha) and I still sing ALL the time. I love singing with kids. It makes us happy. I like baking but try not to make cakes too often. Kate and I enjoy sewing together. We made lots of Halloween and Christmas decorations last year. We went Unicorn crazy for a Summer craft fair last month.

What changed?

In November 2017 though, I felt that when I finally had any time left over for just me – all I did was play on my phone! I felt that I deserved more and should do something more worthwhile, so because ‘every day’s a school day’ I decided that I should learn a new skill. I picked CROCHET. I watched lots of videos and spent most of Christmas making matching bobble hats for everyone! Since then I have tried lots of patterns and have become completely addicted to crochet – I really love making things for children from blankets to tiaras. I have set up an Etsy shop called Babyhatbaby:

Babyhatbaby: made it craft and crochet

The name for the shop came from a two year old Kate. When I was expecting John, I asked her what we should call the new baby. She was painting at the time, so her first idea was Painting Baby. I asked her if she had any other ideas and she said – Babyhatbaby! Luckily for John, we decided to go with a family name instead! Here is little Kate – xxxxx

Kate: Made it kids

So why have I started a blog?

I would like to share my thoughts on life as a Mum, Teacher and crazy Crafter in the hope that they might be helpful and amusing to others in the same boat. I will share stories about our antics and makes. I will post free teaching resources and ideas for the classroom and recommend, share and try out different patterns for crochet and other crafts.

So, really it will be:

MADE IT – kids, classroom, craft and crochet.

I’d love to know about what you are making – so please contact me.

I will aim to post twice a week with thoughts on these various categories. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of them. Sometimes it’s just good to know that someone is going through the same things as you.

My blog goals.

I would love to build a blog for like-minded people, where we can share stories about our lives, loves and dreams and be confident that – we really have MADE IT!

Louise xxx