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Elf on the shelf.

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What is the Elf on the Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is an American tradition which is becoming more and more popular in the UK. We have had our Elf for about 8 years. The Elf is a North Pole Scout Elf who ‘arrives’ at our house on the first of December. He has come to keep an eye on the children’s behaviour in the run up to Christmas. Every night he goes back to the North Pole to report on the children and each morning when the children wake up he is in a different place. Our kids are getting older, but each year they tell us that they are NOT too old ¬†for the Elf. His last day with us is Christmas Eve.

If you would like to buy an Elf, you can get male and female Elves with different eye and skin colours. They come with a book which explains their job. One of the most important things is that you give your Elf a name. Our Elf is called Fizbee Tinkletoes.

Ideas for the Elf on the shelf…

For the first week or so it is not too hard to think up ideas of amusing places to have the Elf, but as the days and then the years go by you have to be more creative. If you are just starting out with your Elf or would simply like some inspiration, I have gathered a set of pictures over the years of the sorts of things that Fizbee gets up to….

What does Fizbee get up to?

Elf on the Shelf rules…

You may have noticed that Fizbee is always downstairs in our house. Our kids did not like the idea of waking up to find him in their rooms – a little bit scary, so we agreed that he would not go into bedrooms. You will have to decide on the rules for your Elf to suit your family.

I hope that these pictures have given you some helpful ideas for your Elf, whether it is your first year or you’ve had your Elf for years.

Let me know what your Elf gets up to. Leave a comment or message me on my social media.

Happy Elf on the Shelfing.

The Made It Mum. xx




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