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Great books to read with your kids – 5-9 years.

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Great books to read at bedtime.

We read to our children every night from them being tiny babies. I still read with John, and all of our children enjoy reading. This selection of books is for children aged 5-9. They can either be read to your child at bed time, or if your child is a confident reader, then then can read them to you. It is always a joy to share a good book. 🙂

These books are some of our children’s favourites that we have shared over the years.

The Worst Witch series by Jill Murphy.

We have read these books with all of our children. John and I enjoyed each of these stories about Mildred Hubble’s exploits at Miss Cackle’s Academy for witches. It doesn’t matter how hard Mildred tries to do the right thing, she always ends up in a pickle. These books are great for young children to read themselves. We liked reading books that came in series when our children were younger, as you will see from some of our other choices. If you have not read any of the Worst Witch books with your child before, I am sure that you will find them delightful.

Danger is Everywhere – David O’Doherty and Chris Judge

If you are looking for some fun reading at bedtime, then this is the book for you. Not only have I read this to my own children, but I read this and the sequels to my class. All the children that I have read this to have loved it. My class really enjoy the silliness. The book is ‘written’ by Docter (yes, DoctER Noel Zone – the world’s first Dangerologist) who tells you how to avoid danger in situations that you never knew were risky. Watch out for the page 9 scorpion!

How to train your Dragon – Cressida Cowell

We love the antics of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third and his friends. This is another of our favourite series of stories, featuring the young Vikings and their dragons. Eleanor and John really enjoyed these books, we read them  several times. They were quite amused when we watched the film and realised that is was nothing like the books. We always say that the books are better. These have been family favourites for some years in our house. We also listened to an audio version of the book in the car,  narrated by David Tennant which was excellent.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon – Grace Lin

This is a book full of magic and wonder. Read the tale of Minli and her friend Dragon as they try to change Minli’s fortune. They journey to visit the Old Man of the Moon in this story which reminds me of The Wizard of Oz. The book is set in China and is interwoven with beautiful art work and Chinese stories and myths. I am working on this book with my class at the moment and they are loving it. I read this and the follow up books, When the Sea turned to Silver and Starry River of the Sky to my children. They were magical bed time stories.

Podkin One Ear – Kieran Larwood

These are more recent reads. In fact the third book in this series only came out in September. We like fantasy stories and these books are about a world where rabbits live and walk on two legs. They live happily in tribes until the arrival of the Gorm – a dangerous tribes of rabbits who have merged with metal. You and your children will be drawn into the world of magic and friendship of Podkin and his family and friends as told by a wandering Bard. I know that you’ll love these as much as we did.

The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club

We read this book when I was teaching John about the Arctic and  Antarctic in class. It is a great fantasy book. What would you find if you went on a Polar exploration? You will learn never to trust a frost fairy and of course – keep an eye out for carnivorous cabbages. This book chronicles the adventure of Stella Starflake Pearl and her friends. The art work in this book is stunning. We loved it so much that I have the next book on pre-order. We can’t wait for it to come out in November.

I could have kept going and going. Other favourites of ours have been the Daisy Books by Kes Gray, The Horrid Henry Books by Francesca Simon, Pippi Longstockings by Astrid Lindgren, The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine and of course, anything by Roald Dahl.

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut of reading the same books. I hope that this post has given you some inspiration for new books to read with your children. These would make great birthday and Christmas gifts for children and grandchildren. Let me know if you read any of these books. Did you and your child enjoy them? What books would you recommend?

Happy reading,

The Made It Mum xx



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