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Special books to share with your children.

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Are you looking for a special book to buy for your children?

You all know how important reading is to me, both personally and professionally. Reading is our SUPERPOWER. In previous posts I have suggested picture books and books to read with children of different ages.

In today’s post I would like to share some of the special books that we have enjoyed over the years with our own children.

Robert Sabuda books.

About ten years ago we took our children to Manchester to the Lowry. Our children are artistic and loved the gallery. There was a special exhibition of pop-up books. The children took part in activities making their own pop-up structures. This was the first time that we had seen Robert Sabuda’s amazing books. Over the years we have purchased Sabuda books for our own children and as gifts for friends – they are magical.

Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum and Robert Sabuda.

This was the first Sabuda book that we bought – it is really magical. I love the Emerald City with the little green spectacles to wear and the balloon which twirls beautifully on the page. Robert Sabuda is a genius of pop-up.

Sharks and other Sea Monsters by Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.

When John was very small he loved everything to do with the ocean and for a long time he wanted to be a Marine Biologist. The fish were his friends. Nowadays, he is thinking he would still like to work with animals, perhaps as a zoo vet. Sounds like a great plan. This book was bought for John – he was 3 when we ordered this book. It has the most amazing pop-ups of sea creatures. As you can see in the picture below, the detail is amazing.

pop up shark

Winter’s tale by Robert Sabuda

This book is a beautiful pop-up with Winter scenes. All of the animals are white and snowy. It made a wonderful Christmas book for our children. There is even a little light in the cottage. It is so beautiful. I have taken this book into school over the years and the children in my class have always loved it.

Alice in Wonderland – a pop-up adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s tale by Robert Sabuda.

I bought this book for my friend Nat, who loves all things Alice in Wonderland, as a wedding gift. She was thrilled with it. The most amazing pop-up is the one where Alice is falling down the rabbit hole. Robert Sabuda is a fabulous paper-engineer. I would recommend Sabuda books as gifts, they are so unusual – your family are sure to love them.

Polar – a photicular book by Dan Kainen and Carol Kaufmann

polar book

We first saw these Photicular books last year when we went to Whipsnade Zoo. They are amazing and I have don’t really understand how they work. It must just be magic. The waddling penguins are amazing. I bought this one because we were working on Polar regions at school. My class loved the chance to have a look at the book. As you turn the pages it looks like the photos are moving – very Harry Potter! There are other books available in the series depending on the interest of your child.

Atlas of Adventures by Lucy Letherland


We have always liked to use our imagination and this book really help to ignite discussion. In Atlas of Adventures, there are fantastic maps and illustrations. We have discussed that we would like to go and see the Northern Lights and stay in a glass igloo or visit different continents. You and your children could let your imaginations run wild on the maps in this extra large book.

Animalium (Welcome to the Museum) by Jenny Broom and Katie Scott.

I have used this book at school and at home. It is made from the different branches of the tree of life. It has been a great support in class as there are amazing pictures of all kinds of life. My own children have always enjoyed this book too. It is like a virtual museum. We love this book.

The Icky, Sticky Snot and Blood book by Steve Alton, Nick Sharratt and Jo Moore.

icky sticky snot and blood book

Kate has always loved this book as it is totally yucky! When she was younger, she thought that she might like to be a surgeon. She has always enjoyed watching medical programmes. We have always loved the art of Nick Sharratt and this makes this book great fun. There is a huge pop-up nose with bogies, lungs and  looks inside the body. Again, I have used this book in school and it shares great information in a fun way. All children love gross facts and pictures!

I could not find the link to the same edition that I bought on Amazon. There are other editions available.

Egyptology: Search for the tomb of Osiris (ology series)


Eleanor loved these -ology books when she was younger. We also have Wizardology and Pirateology. They have lots of facts and maps. There are letters and sketches which make you feel like there is a mystery to be solved. You are like Indiana Jones. Eleanor has always had a passion for History. She read all of the Horrible Histories books and can tell you amazing facts.

I remember one wet August at Caernarfon Castle in Wales, Eleanor was about 9. We were in the shop along with a troop of Scouts. The Scoutmaster asked if anyone knew the order of the Kings and Queens of England- if they did they could have a pound. Eleanor sang him the Kings and Queens song from Horrible Histories and earned herself a pound! This precious-looking book will be a big hit with your History-loving child.

I hope that you find something in today’s blogpost that will excite your children or grandchildren. Sharing books is one of the most important things that we can do to help our children. What are your favourite special books? Do you have a favourite author to read with children?

Let me know what you have read. Leave a comment or message me on my social media channels.

Happy reading

The Made It Mum xx