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Crochet infinity scarf

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Quick and easy infinity scarf crochet pattern.

The weather is definitely turning cooler as we move through October. I must admit that this is my favourite time of year. I love the Autumn, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas and so do my family. When I first started crocheting last November I spent some weeks making us all hats with pom poms.

My current project is an easy infinity scarf and matching hat as a gift for Grandma. I have made the scarf this week and will make the matching hat next week. I used yarn in her favourite colours – purple, green and blue. Hopefully, it will match well with lots of her outfits. I chose to make an infinity scarf as they are a little bit different and, of course, they are very snuggly and cosy as we move into Winter.

What you will need?

marble chunky

I ordered two 200g balls of this multi-coloured yarn by James C Brett from I ordered colour MC3 which is the purple, blue, green yarn. If you would like to take a look at the range, click the picture above. There are 45 shades, so I am sure that you will find something to your taste.

For the scarf I used almost a whole ball of wool. I will start with the new ball of wool for the hat next week. As this is quite a chunky wool, I  have used a 6mm hook. You will also need a needle for weaving in the ends and a small pair of scissors.

How to make the infinity scarf.

This pattern uses US terminology.

I have, as always, tried to keep this pattern really simple. When I first started crocheting I found it quite hard to find super easy patterns to practise. This pattern only has 2 rows. Super easy.

  1. Chain 30.
  2. Make a double crochet in the second chain from the hook, chain 1 and then skip the next chain. Repeat this to the end of the row (dc, chain 1 and skip next chain.) End with a double crochet in the last chain. Chain 3 and turn.
  3. Double crochet in the space made between the two double crochet in the previous row, chain 1. Continue this until the end of the row (dc in space, chain 1). At the end of the row, chain 3 and turn.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you have the desired length. I crocheted 100 rows to make a lovely long scarf.

See the pictures below to help:

How to finish off the scarf.

If you want to make a regular scarf, then you just need to weave in the ends of yarn that you have and trim as close to the scarf as possible. If you want to make the infinity scarf, you sew the two ends together. See the pictures below:

If you do not crochet and would like a scarf, please message me on social media or on my Babyhatbaby shop and I would be glad to take custom orders.


Let me know if you make the scarf. What colour yarn did you use? Who did you make it for? Yourself or is it a gift? Leave a comment or message me on my social media channels. Keep your eyes peeled for the matching yarn hat pattern.

Happy crocheting

The Made It Mum xx