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Christmas – crochet baubles.


Christmas crochet ideas.

If you are looking for a quick make for Christmas, then these little crochet baubles are great fun. This is a very simple pattern and would be suitable for a beginner. They would be a cute little gift and are quick to make up. You could make some for your Secret Santa recipient.

Please note that I use US terminology in my patterns.


You can make these from any yarn depending on what you would like to use them for. I have made today’s in DK and they are sweet little coasters to use at Christmas.

What you will need:

  • yarn (I used double knit) one colour and grey
  • 5mm hook
  • scissors
  • needle for weaving in ends

Christmas bauble instructions:

Please note: I use US terminology in my patterns.

What can you use the Christmas baubles for?

I have used the baubles as little coasters. I have made some out of DK yarn and some out of chunky yarn – I still used my number 5 hook – it is my favourite. You could make a set in lots of different colours as coasters, or you could make them and string them along a ribbon or make a long chain stitch and use them as Christmas bunting.

Do you want some baubles, but don’t crochet?

I have made some sets of coasters and have them for sale in my Babyhatbaby Shop. If you would like to look at them, please click on the link below:


For my shop I have made them in chunky wool, but I am happy to take custom orders. If you would like them in double knit or would like more of them, please let me know.

What if I want larger baubles?

You could make larger baubles by carrying on in the same way. The third round worked in multiples of 3. The fourth round would be multiples of 4 so you would do 2 double crochet and then double crochet 2 in the next stitch. The fifth round would be multiples of 5, so dc 3 and the 2dc in the next. And so on… you could make matching coasters and place mats for your Christmas dinner table. If the coasters were for glasses, I would use DK rather than chunky yarn.

I really hope that you find this pattern useful and give it a go. Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment or messaging me on my social media channels.

Happy crocheting

The Made It Mum xx

penguin hat
Made it - crochet

Crochet baby hat

Note – this post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I use all of the products that I recommend, which is I am happily an affiliate. Thank you for your support. TMIM xx

Are you looking for a quick and easy crochet baby hat pattern to keep your little one snug as we head into October? This is a super quick  baby hat to make, I can do one from start to finish in less than an hour for 0-6 months size.

I think that the weather has really changed over the last week. When I get up in the morning for school now, it is dark. I have started wearing my coat and even my gloves as my hands are always cold. Over the coming weeks I will share some simple patterns for hats, scarves and blankets to keep everyone toasty!

What you will need:

You will need some lovely bright wool in whatever colour you choose. I really like the Chunky Paintbox yarn on The range of colours is amazing, it is cheap and it is easy to work with. I used this range for making my Zookeeper’s blanket, as I needed lots of different shades of colours.

You can check out the range by clicking on the links around the post – or click this link:

Please note:

This pattern is written using US terminology.


  • This hat is to fit a 0-6 month baby.
  • Use a 5mm hook and chunky yarn.
  • Chain 5 and slipstitch into the first chain to form a loop.
  • Round 1 – Make 12 double crochet into the loop and slipstitch into the first double crochet to finish the round. – (12 stitches)
  • Round 2 – Chain 2, double crochet into the same stitch, make 2 double crochet in each stitch around and slipstitch to the first double crochet to finish – (24 stitches)
  • Round 3 – Chain 2 ** 2 double crochet in the next stitch and then 1 in the next stitch ** repeat this around until the end of the round and then slipstitch to finish the round. -( 36 stitches)
  • Round 4 – Chain 2 and then double crochet all the way around with a slipstitch to finish the round. – (36 stitches)
  • Repeat round 4 until the hat measures 6 inches length and 6 inches width. For me this was 10 rounds, but I think that I have quite a loose style.
  • Finish off and weave in the ends.
  • Turn the hat inside out and use the small tail to sew up any hole in the top left from the beginning.

This bright little hat will cheer up your day and keep your baby cosy. You could even sew a small bobble or pom pom that you have made on the top. These hats make great gifts for baby showers or for new born babies.

How can you personalise the hat?

I chose orange as I had some left from making a blanket. I did think that it would make a great pumpkin hat, you could add a stalk and a tendril or you could cut out felt pieces and attach them to the hat to make it looked like a carved pumpkin.

Don’t crochet?

If you don’t crochet but would like one of these hats, I sell various hats on my Babyhatbaby shop. I make baby hats in a range of colours. I also have some great baby outfits and accessories for Halloween. Click the picture below to visit my site.


I hope that you found this pattern useful and would love to hear from you. Let  me know if you make a hat. What colour did you use? This was one of the first patterns that I wrote when I first started to crochet. Happy crocheting.

The Made It Mum xx






Made it - crochet

Cotton dishcloth – free pattern.

Free cotton dishcloth pattern.


This cotton dishcloth pattern follows on from my free pattern for Scrubbies. If you have not seen the Scrubbies pattern and would like a look, please click the picture below:


Why make a new pattern for a cotton dishcloth?

I have looked at lots of different patterns for cotton dishcloths online. I wanted  to make a product which is environmentally friendly and re-usable.

While some of the dishcloth patterns I saw looked great, they were quite involved. I wanted to make a pattern that was relatively easy, the sort of pattern that you could do without having to give it too much thought.

I could not remember where I was supposed to be in patterns where the double crochet and single crochet had to line up. So, I decided to just alternate three different stitches for my cotton dishcloth. I think that my pattern is suitable for beginners as it has only three basic stitches.

I like this cotton dishcloth because it gives you chance to practise each stitch and is quite a quick pattern. The whole dishcloth takes only an hour or two from start to finish.

Please note: I use US terminology.

For the cotton dishcloth you will need:

– Cotton yarn  – about 50g (I used cotton soft DK in a lovely violet colour, you could use any colour that you like. You could also use a thicker yarn.)

– No 4 hook (E)


-Needle for weaving in ends.


ch = chain

hdc = half double crochet (yarn over, insert hook into stitch, yarn over and draw yarn through stitch,  yarn over and draw through all 3 loops on hook)

sc = single crochet (insert hook into stitch, yarn over and draw yarn through stitch, yarn over and draw through both loops on hook.)

dc = double crochet (yarn over, insert into stitch, yarn over and draw yarn through stitch, yarn over and draw through top 2 loops on hook, yarn over again and draw through the 2 remaining loops on the hook.)

Cotton dishcloth Pattern

Watch my first crochet tutorial on The Madeitmum Youtube channel and let me know what you think, or you can follow the written pattern below:


Make a slipknot on your hook and chain 35.

Row 1: Hdc in the second chain from the hook and all the way along, ch 2 and turn (34)

Row 2:  Sc all the way along, Ch 2 and turn (34)

Row 3: Dc all the way along, Ch 2 and turn (34)

Row 4:  Hdc all the way along, Ch 2 and turn  (34)

You will now repeat rows 2-4 until you have 31 rows. See list below to remind you which stitch to use. I tried without and got lost whilst talking!! 😉

5: sc   6: dc   7: hdc   8: sc   9: dc   10: hdc   11: sc  12: dc

13: hdc  14: sc   15: dc   16: hdc   17: sc   18: dc   19: hdc

20: sc   21: dc   22: hdc   23: sc   24: dc   25: hdc   26: sc

27: dc   28: hdc   29: sc  30: dc

Row 31: hdc to the end. When you get to the end of the row finish off.

Weave in the ends and finish off.

Uses of this cotton dishcloth pattern.

This super easy cotton dishcloth would be  a great gift for a birthday or Christmas. It is hand-made with love and is kind to the environment. You could make these in different colours to match the kitchens of friends and families, or they are great to sell at craft fairs.

Please do not copy this pattern or reproduce any of the photos or parts of the pattern as your own. I am happy for you to sell items that you have made from this pattern.

If you like the cotton dishcloth, but do not crochet, please message me on my Etsy shop. I am happy to make custom orders. Each handmade dishcloth is £5 plus post and packaging. Please click the picture below.


I hope that you have enjoyed this pattern and will come back and see more patterns as my blog grows. This cotton dishcloth is a great reusable kitchen item. If you would like to download a FREE PDF version of this pattern – click the picture below:

cotton dishcloth pattern

See you again soon.

The Made It Mum xx

If you would like to make these wash cloth or dishcloths as gifts, I have attached a FREE PDF FILE DOWNLOAD of the label that I use for them. 

Enjoy xx