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Made it – Crochet – Scrubbies



Are you looking for a quick crochet pattern?

I love crochet –  and it doesn’t get any easier than these simple crochet Scrubbies.  As I said in my first blog post, crochet is my new obsession. I think about it all the time. Recently, I have worked on some really big patterns, which took up to 60 hours, such as my Zookeeper’s blanket pictured below. I think that the fox is my favourite square!

zookeepers blanket

I adore it, and it was TOTALLY worth the effort, but sometimes it’s great to work on a project that will be finished within the hour.

If that’s what you’re after, then Crochet Scrubbies is the pattern for you.

If you’re new to crochet and need help with any of the stitches, please leave me a message in the comments.

What are Scrubbies?

Scrubbies are crocheted pads made from cotton yarn. They are washable and re-useable and replace the need for cotton wool pads. So, they are eco-friendly and economical all at the same time. These little crochet pads are good for the environment and your pocket. We all like to save money.

Why should we make Scrubbies?

In the UK, we have been having fantastically hot weather recently and I found that I was cleansing my face more often and getting through lots of cotton wool pads. Now we do try to make sure that we are considerate to the environment – I didn’t like to think about all the waste. I decided to look for an alternative. I looked on the internet and saw these Scrubbies and thought they looked just the ticket.

Who would use Scrubbies?

Having two teenage daughters in the house – yikes – means that they also use a lot of cleansing pads. It all adds up. They can choose which colour Scrubbies they would like and then there is no confusion about who owns which ones! I would love to add up how much it would have cost me in cotton wool pads for the three of us versus how much we have saved by using Scrubbies.

How long do Scrubbies take to make? Have you got a spare hour?

You could make a set of Scrubbies in less than an hour, or half an hour if you are really quick at crochet. I tend to be doing something else at the same time. We are always multi-tasking, aren’t we, so I tend to do a round and then go and do another job and come back to it later. I spent a couple of weekends making Scrubbies, as they are just three rounds of crochet, so they are super easy.

I’m really excited to share this pattern with you today. I know that you will love it. If you don’t crochet, but would still like some Scrubbies, they are available to buy at my Etsy Shop – Babyhatbaby – £5 for 5. Click the picture to visit my shop. If you don’t see the colour that you want, then I am happy to take custom orders:


How do you make Scrubbies?

I use American terms for my crochet patterns.


Ch = Chain

SS = Slipstitch

DC = Double crochet


You will need the following:

A 5mm (G) hook – I use this hook for almost everything as it is my favourite 🙂

Cotton Yarn (I used cotton DK)


A needle for weaving in the ends



  1. Make a slipknot on your hook and Ch 3.
  2. Make 12 DC in the third ch from the hook. To finish the round,  SS into the top of the first DC. (12)
  3. Ch 3, DC into the same stitch, then 2 DC in each stitch all the way round. SS into the top of the Ch 3. (24)
  4. Ch 3 (this counts as your first DC) then 2 DC into the next stitch. *DC into the next stitch  and then  2DC into the next * repeat until the end. SS into the top of the Ch 3 to finish. (36)
  5. Weave in the ends.

scrubbies ch 3  scrubbies round 1       scrubbies round 2

finished scrubbie   

Tada! There you have your own Scrubbies and they couldn’t be easier. What is great is that they can be in any colour that you want. They would make the perfect gift for friends and family. It’s great to think that you are helping the environment and saving money. You could make them bigger or smaller if you liked. I quite like smaller ones – just two rounds. Finally, they are a great way to use up small scraps of yarn too. As you can see, I only had a very small amount of orange yarn when I started making the Scrubbie.

I used the same idea when I started thinking about some Christmas coasters – baubles that I made from either chunky yarn or DK. I will share the pattern in the run up to the Festive season.

If you try out this pattern, please let me know how you get on. Happy crocheting.


Post update – lots of people have been asking about the little card sleeve that I use for my Scrubbies. I have attached a PDF document with three sheets – pink, blue and orange. I matched them to the yarn that I used. 

Print the labels on card and then fold and secure round your set of scrubbies.

The Made It Mum – Louise xx