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Halloween Makes

What can you put in party bags for a Halloween party?

Obviously, sweets are great for Halloween party bags, but it would be great to have something else that children can take way from your party, and perhaps something that they can keep. Check out these ideas for Halloween Makes.

Halloween Makes – Fluffy Slime.

My kids and I made Fluffy Unicorn slime a few weeks ago. You could use the same recipe and just change up the colours for Halloween. Why not try orange, blood red, green or purple – they are all great Halloweeny (yes, I am sure that is a word!) colours. Here is the video that we made with the method.

Halloween Makes – Felt Pencil Toppers.

ghostI tried to make some pencil toppers for this post and failed dismally! Haha. Here is the card ghost that I made looking completely shocked at just how awful he looks impaled on a pencil! So, instead,  I found this great video on Youtube with 4 different pencil toppers. Well done, Miss Tricks.


Halloween Makes – Lollipop spiders.

spiders made of pipe cleaners

Kate and I made these lollipop spiders for a craft fair last November. We found the great eyeball lollipops at B and M Bargains.

To make them:

  • Take 4 black pipe cleaners and lay them side by side.
  • Lay your eyeball lollipop at the centre and fold the pipe cleaners around it to secure it.
  • Spread out the four legs at each side and bend them so that your spider can stand up.

These little fellas really take on a character all of their own once you stand them up. They went down very well at the craft fair. If you do not have eyeball lollipops, you could use any lollipops and stick googly eyes on them instead.

Halloween Makes – Pumpkin Easy Peelers

halloween easy peelers

These were quick and fun to make. Your children would have great fun designing their own. All you need is some small Easy Peelers or satsumas and a Sharpie. You could make loads of different designs. The great thing about these is, of course, that they are a sneaky way of getting children to eat fruit. Mwa, ha, ha, ha!

Halloween Makes – Sweet gloves

severed hand sweetsAgain, these were from a budget shop. I was going to make them and then thought these were perfect. Kate enjoyed making them and they were very quick to do. These also sold very well at the craft fair that we went to. You could make your own using latex gloves and tying at the top with orange or purple ribbon. If you bought some plastic Halloween rings, you could put one on the ring finger.

Halloween Makes – Crochet Pumpkin

If you have more time, and you’d like to make something cute, why not check out the blog post to make my crochet pumpkin. crochet pumpkin

You can also find the PDF pattern version as a paid download on my Babyhatbaby Shop on Etsy.


Halloween Makes – Jars and goblets of sweets.

   sweet glasses   sweet goblets

These jars and goblets were only £1 from B and M bargains. John and I went to look last night and they have already got some of these in, along with spooky bags of sweets. They are great fun and we are still using them from last year.

If you missed my two previous Halloween party posts, then you can check them out by clicking on these pictures. I hope that you have a very Happy Halloween and that I have given you some useful ideas.

Let me know if you have a Halloween Party – what costume did you wear? What did you eat? Did you make party bags?

See you soon.

The Made It Mum xx


Fluffy unicorn slime
Made it - kids

Recipe for Fluffy Unicorn Slime

 Fluffy Unicorn Slime.

Fluffy unicorn slimeClick picture for FREE PDF VERSION XXX

Fluffy Unicorn Slime is great fun for kids. They love stretching, squashing and poking it. It has an amazing texture and gives hours of fun.  

Kate, John and I have been experimenting with fluffy unicorn slime recipes for some time. All my children love slime. Kate loves unicorns – and let’s face it – so do I! So it has to be unicorn slime!

We have had varying degrees of success with our slime experiments. We wanted to make some to take to a craft fair a while ago, but it was so wet when we had made it that we counted it as a dismal failure. When we left it in a pot in the kitchen and came back to it there was even MORE liquid. Hmmm! Maybe it was unicorn wee! 🙂

Fluffy unicorn slime.

Fluffy unicorn slime


Today we have had a go at making fluffy slime with shaving foam instead – AND IT WORKED – Yahoo! So what is fluffy slime?

It’s like normal slime, but with shaving foam added to the recipe. The foam changes the texture of your finished slime. You can choose how much foam you add depending on how fluffy you want your slime to be.

As we are unicorn-lovers we decided to make it in unicorn colours. We love how bright and colourful it looks. You could make it in any colour that you like and if you wanted to make sparkly slime you could even add glitter! Sparkle! If you mix up the colours when you are playing with the slime, they will mix and make a purple/grey colour.

How long does the slime last?

When you have made your slime, store it in an air tight container. The fluffiness will be less after the first day and it will be more ‘slimy’. If you keep it an air tight container, it should last for up to a week.

Fluffy Unicorn Slime equipment and ingredients.


Fluffy unicorn slime equipment

You will need:

  •  3/4 cup PVA glue
  • 1tsp of bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 2-3 cups shaving foam
  • 1 tsp of contact lens solution for each colour  – it is essential that your contact lens solution contains boric acid as this is what reacts with the glue to form your slime.
  • 10-15 drops of liquid or gel food colouring

Here’s what you have to do… 🙂

Watch the video or read on…


1. Put the glue into a bowl.

fluffy unicorn slime glue

2. Mix in your bicarbonate of soda and water and give it a good stir to mix.

fluffy unicorn slime bicarb

3. Add your shaving foam and mix again.

fluffy unicorn slime foam

4. If you want to make unicorn slime in different colours, divide the mixture into three bowls. Or go unicorn crazy and make three full amounts of slime! If you make a whole bowl of one colour you will need 15ml (1 tbsp) of contact lens solution.

fluffy unicorn slime bowls

5. Now add your chosen colour to each bowl – you can choose the level of colour you like. Mix it, mix it, mix it…

fluffy unicorn slime colours

6. Next you add your contact lens solution. We had split the mixture, so we added 1/2 teaspoon to each, stirred it in and then added the other 1/2 a teaspoon of the solution. Now knead the mixture for five minutes. If you think that the mixture is too sticky you could add more solution. Just be careful as the slime becomes over-activated and can lose stretchiness – v.   important.

Fluffy unicorn slime

7. Get ready to play! You can see that Kate and John have been poking these already. We did mix ours together and it is now purple but we’re still playing with it.

fluffy unicorn slime finished

mixed up fluffy unicorn slime


Let us know if you have a go, share your pictures with us. What colours did you use?

Safety first!

SAFETY ADVICE- We recommend adult supervision when making slime. Slime-making involves chemicals and adults should handle all chemicals. Slime making is a science experiment and is not suitable for very small children. Use products carefully. DO NOT eat slime.  If contact lens solution is swallowed, seek medical advice immediately. If you experience any skin irritation – stop using slime. Ensure that you wash your hands before and after playing with slime. 

After playing with slime..

BE AWARE – having made this fluffy unicorn slime you should take care not to get it in hair or on clothes. It has similar properties to chewing gum in hair (mine – I got over-excited 😂) it does wash out of clothes (John’s)!