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Summer Reading Challenge

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

Why should your children do the Summer Reading Challenge? We all know how important it is for our children to read, and that it is the cornerstone of their education. Reading can unlock amazing worlds and experiences. It expands our horizons and increases our vocabulary. Sometimes though, it can be hard to make children see the value of reading.

In our school, we talk about the fact that reading is our Superpower. The children love reading and are very engaged. So how do we get this from our children?

We work hard to encourage the children to read a wide range of genres by using a series of book badges for each year group. I will explain how we organise this in a later post. We talk about books that we have enjoyed and suggest books for each other. The adults in school talk about books and reading with a real passion. We also have book-related events over the year: Roald Dahl Day, World Book Day and we have a Book Week in school the week before the Christmas holidays. My favourite day is bedtime story day when we read our favourite bed time stories, come to school in our pyjamas and drink hot chocolate.

We know that we need to keep the children reading even when they are not at school – this is where the Summer Reading Challenge comes in.

What are reading challenges?

We encourage the children to read in the ‘Big Holidays’, so any time that the children are off school for more than a week – Christmas, Easter and the Summer – we set a fun reading challenge. The children are asked to read at least ten times during the holidays by undertaking a series of fun challenges. In the Summer Reading Challenge, for instance, they might read in shades or read on a beach. Our children enjoy making up their own challenges.

This idea of Reading Challenges has really taken off in our school. The whole school take the Challenges and complete them. We have an in-school reward system, and there is also usually a tasty treat involved too. With the Summer Reading Challenge, this is an ice-cream or lolly as a special treat.

Is the Summer Reading Challenge just for use by schools?

The Summer Reading Challenge is a fantastic way of encouraging children to read and see the excitement and rewards that reading brings. We want this as teachers, but as a parent of three, I know that we want that for our own children too.

Phil and I are avid readers. It is important to model good reading behaviours to our children at home. We read all the time, but not always books. We read books, recipes, online blogs, instructions, comics. Downloading and using the Summer Reading Challenge as a parent will help to give your child a purpose for their reading. When they have completed the task, you can choose an appropriate reward for your child.

Click the picture below for a FREE copy of our Summer Reading Challenge.

summer reading challenge

How do children complete the Summer Reading Challenge?

For the Summer Reading Challenge the children choose challenges on scoops of ice cream. When they have completed a challenge, they cut it out and stick it on one of the 5 ice cream cones on their sheet. When they have completed 10 challenges, they have completed the task. They can decorate their ice creams with brightly coloured sprinkles and other toppings. You choose a reward for your child.

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  I really hope that you give the Summer Reading Challenge a go, and would love to know how you get on.

Please leave a comment – Which challenge was the most fun? Did you make up some great challenges of your own? What did you use as a reward? You see, I am incredibly nosy!

Have a great time reading.

The Made It Mum xx